Corresponding Requirements

October 14, 2020

According to the application process of the one-component adhesive on the flap disc machine, we can summarize it into the following points and corresponding requirements :

1. The production environment requirement of the flap disc machine is about 20 degrees, but there are not many customers that can meet the conditions. In order to achieve consistent product quality and more stable equipment production, the adhesive must be designed for summer in the formula. A neutral formula that can be used in winter environments, the goal of sustainable and stable operation at 10-35 degrees ambient temperature.

2. the inner diameter of the packaging barrel of the adhesive should match the automatic rubber pump. The inner diameter of the barrel needs to be accurate. It is easy to overflow if the barrel diameter is too large. It is absolutely forbidden to squeeze the packing barrel during transportation. If the outside of the barrel is squeezed, the pressure plate cannot be pushed in, causing colloid loss and economic loss.

3. the single-component adhesive is glued on the automatic machine. In order to control the precise amount of glue, the viscosity of the adhesive has relatively high requirements. The viscosity must be uniform and stable. The selection of raw materials must be high quality. And a higher production process is needed to ensure a uniform consistency.

4. the softening temperature of the glue during the production process should be controlled between 45-50 degrees, if the temperature is higher than 50 degrees, it is easy to shorten the storage period of the adhesive, curing the adhesive in the rubber pump, hose and glue nozzle, resulting in the need to replace Hose produces unnecessary losses and affects production.

5. when the adhesive is applied to the substrate, it must have good suspension properties and a certain permeability. Suspension is to insert the abrasive cloth into the adhesive, so that the glue can fully wrap the abrasive cloth, and it will have a better safety after curing. The number of revolutions, the glue needs to penetrate into the mesh cover base 2-3 layers in order to achieve sufficient cross-linking and bonding of the mesh cover. If too much penetration will lead to less adhesive on the upper part of the substrate, the amount of adhesive wrapped in the cloth will not be fully wrapped. Thereby reducing the number of safe rotations.

6. According to the temperature difference in the four seasons in China, the shelf life of the adhesive should be able to be maintained at room temperature for more than three months, and in the hot summer, the adhesive can go through the domestic logistics, and can withstand 50 degrees of temperature exposure 3-5 In order to meet these requirements, adhesive companies must have a complete set of advanced production technology to make the storage period of the finished adhesive products as long as possible.

7. The production environment in each day will have a temperature difference, so the formulation of the adhesive needs to adapt to the temperature difference of five degrees without affecting production. Otherwise, the phenomenon of drawing or glue will occur, resulting in unstable blade quality and the machine cannot produce normally.

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